Our Team

The TVC team is composed of the most varied and compassionate group of animal professionals you will ever find. Many of our front staff have worked for years in a veterinary clinic, and either train or breed dogs. The same can be said about our technicians and vet assistants - in fact, our team owns over 32 dogs, 28 cats, 7 horses, 2 cows and an assortment of birds and rodents! And our vets, well, not only are they personable, but they really know their medicine.


Dr. Amanda Glew

Dr. Amanda Glew, DVM graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College, Guelph in 1988. Dr. Glew has worked in mixed practice, was an owner of the Hudson Veterinary Hospital until 2012, she taught at Vanier College in the animal health department from 1990-2013 and gives first aid courses for the Canadian Border Service Agency dogs. Dr. Glew, also comfortable with exotic animals, is a director emeritus of le Nichoir, a bird rehabilitation center. Her interest in shelter medicine led to the development of a separate low cost sterilization clinic. She continues to practice cutting edge medicine (she was one of the first to introduce pediatric spay/neuters and discontinue yearly vaccines in Quebec), with a love of surgery, especially orthopedics. “If it makes sense, I am going to do it” she justifies to anyone who questions her strong opinions. Dr. Glew continues to write columns for the Montreal dog blog. "My passion is working with pets and their people". She currently has 2 horses, 3 cats, one dog, innumerable rescues looking for homes, and 2 cows. Yes, really, 2 pet cows. Dr Glew is seen here with Porter , a Rosie animal adoption dog from up North who is now going to be an empty nest dog.

Dr. Isabelle Côté

Dr. Isabelle Côté was born and raised in Labrador City NFLD and it is in this beautiful setting that her love of nature and animals first began. In 2001 she was able to realize a childhood dream and graduated from the University of Montreal, Faculty of Veterinary medicine. The ethical treatment of animals was always a priority in her life and while at the U of M, she became an advocate for improving the quality of life for the animal residents of the Faculty. During her studies she was able to combine her love of travel and discovery with her love of animals by journeying to the Panama Canal Rainforest to observe first hand the rehabilitation and reintroduction into the wild of abused and abandoned pet monkeys. The fair and kind treatment of animals has always been a guiding factor in Dr. Côté’s life. The day after she graduated she joined the staff of the Hudson Veterinary Hospital where she practiced for 11 years. During her time at HVH she was able to gather much experience in all facets of veterinary medicine... from on call emergency medicine to surgery, and from pain management to reproductive services. While at the clinic, Dr. Côté was also instrumental in establishing and volunteering her services for “sterilization days” for stray and abandoned cats in the community . Dr. Côté strongly believes in treating all of her feline and canine patients and their families with the kindness, caring and compassion that they deserve while ensuring that they receive the upmost in quality veterinary care. Dr. Côté shares her life with her husband and 2 children that love animals as much as she does, cool cats & loyal canine companions.

Dr. Donald Floyd

The Timberlea Veterinary Clinic is pleased to announce Dr. Floyd will be joining the team this March. Dr. Donald Floyd was an owner of the Baker Animal Hospital for the past 40 years. His name is renowned throughout the Montreal area as being one of the pioneering small animal veterinarians. Not quite ready to retire he will be doing part time work at our clinic. We look forward to welcoming him and learning from his expertise.

Dr Danielle Fisher

Dr. Danielle H. Fisher was 6 years old when a talented veterinarian saved her much-loved guinea pig's life. From that day on she knew that working as a vet was what she wanted to do with her life. Born in Honolulu, she moved to Quebec when she was 9 years old. Soon after she was lucky to have Dr. Glew as her family’s veterinarian beginning a lifelong friendship and mentorship. In her teens she worked and volunteered at the Hudson Animal Hospital and The Spay/Neuter clinic gaining invaluable experience. In 2015 she fulfilled her childhood dream and graduated from the University of Montreal Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. Upon graduation, Dr. Fisher spent a year working in small animal practice at The Animal Health Clinic in Montreal before she came back to her roots to work with the team she has known for 17 years. Passionate about nature, she takes every opportunity to learn about wildlife medicine and has volunteered with rehabilitation organisations, in California, Cape Cod, South Africa and most recently India. Danielle’s animal family includes 2 black cats adopted as vet school study buddies, a 29 year old thoroughbred rescue, a very naughty African pygmy goat, an alpaca and of course a loving playful rescue mutt.

Dr Sara Cantini

Dr. Cantini’s passion for animal health and perseverance chasing her lifelong dream of becoming a small animal veterinarian led her to the beautiful island of Grenada where she obtained her DVM on scholarship at St. George’s University. In doing so, she experienced and learned a unique, innovative, and international approach to veterinary medicine. Her fondest memories include fostering many island dogs, affectionately called Pothounds, participating in free outreach clinics across the island, going hashing - the local term for hiking through beautiful jungle and picturesque terrain - and working alongside Ocean Spirits collecting valuable data on leatherback turtles for conservation research. Dr. Cantini excelled academically and had the privilege of completing her clinical year in Ithaca, NY, at Cornell University alongside world-renowned specialists. It was in this facility that she had the opportunity to assist in a rare open heart surgery on Lucy the Labrador Retriever with a large heart tumour. Along her academic journey, Dr. Cantini spent her free time working at the Timberlea Veterinary Clinic as a veterinary assistant under the mentorship of Dr. Amanda Glew. The TVC team’s work ethic, skill, and expertise remains unmatched and Dr. Cantini is thrilled to be able to join such a fantastic team!

Dr. Maaike Hibbeln-Kirby

Dr. Maaike Hibbeln-Kirby grew up in Montreal's West Island and has recognized her calling to animal care and veterinary medicine since elementary school, where in grade 3 she drew herself as a small animal veterinarian. After completing a Bachelor's degree at Mcgill University with a specialization in Animal Health and Disease, she made the move to Scotland where she completed her veterinary studies at the University of Edinburgh. Since graduating in 2017, she has worked on both sides of the Atlantic, starting with her first year as a new grad here at the Timberlea Veterinary Clinic from 2017-2018, then going on to complete a rotating internship and 2 years of emergency and on-call work in a large network of British hospitals and clinics, as well as Montreal’s DMV centres. In 2021 she officially moved back home and was thrilled to re-join the Timberlea Veterinary Clinic. When not at the clinic, she enjoys the company of her 2 rescue cats Nelson and Nori, as well as hiking and skiing with her family’s energetic border collie.

Animal Health Technicians

Tina Andreatos, TSA

Tina knew early on that she would spend her life working and living with animals.  She turned her passion for animals (and science) into a career and studied Animal Health Technology at Vanier College.  She has been working as a vet tech since 2007 and has been part of the Timberlea Veterinary Clinic team since it opened its doors in 2013. Tina brings with her a wealth of knowledge about all kinds of creatures.  She has cared for and lived with many different species, from hamsters, guinea pigs and birds, to cats, dogs, and has spent an inordinate amount of time riding and caring for horses in years past.  She has always had a keen interest in purebred dogs and began competing in CKC conformation and obedience events with her Rhodesian Ridgebacks in 2000.  She continues to participate in these events regularly with her ever growing K9 crew.  She has bred several litters of Rhodesian Ridgebacks and more recently, has started showing and training her Shetland Sheepdogs.  She also teaches our puppy classes at TVC and enjoys watching those puppies learn & grow into well-loved and well socialized companions.  Her menagerie at home includes her 'pack' of dogs, a quad of furry felines, gerbils, and a pond full of Koi & Goldfish. Tina is also known to have raised quite a few wild orphans and has a love for all creatures, domestic and wild alike.

Leah Wilson, TSA

Leah has loved animals since the day she was born. She graduated from Vanier College’s Animal Health Technology program in May of 2013 and was scooped up by the Timberlea Veterinary Clinic because of her compassion and wonderful calm disposition. Growing up she had 2 Golden Retrievers although constantly begging her parents for more. This passion led her to start work as a kennel hand in her local veterinary clinic while volunteering at the SPCA Emergency Shelter. Once her own dogs had passed, her family decided that it was too big a commitment to start over, but the house felt so empty without animals around. As fate would have it, she soon stumbled across a little white dog in desperate need of shelter. With little thought of the consequences she brought him home. Much to her amazement, her parents were not upset and were very taken by him. As a result, Leah and her family have been fostering dogs and the occasional litter of kittens for the past year and a half. This keeps her very busy! In her spare time Leah lives out her love of fitness through Crossfit and yoga. Leah also adores children having worked for many years teaching swimming lessons, lifeguarding and organizing an adaptive program for special needs children. She is hoping to one day combine her interests and provide therapy to children through the use of animal companions. Her short term goal is to travel and see as much of the world as she can.

Gabriella Volpolicella, TSA

Gabriella graduated from Vanier College as an animal health technician in the Spring of 2014. Once again, the Timberlea Veterinary team scooped her up as a new addition to their wonderful staff. Her warm demeanor and love of animals is apparent once you meet her. Growing up, she always had a strong passion for animals and she knew she would devote her future in this field. Caring for animals all day just isn’t enough, she then goes home to enjoy her three dogs and three rats of her own. Don’t be fooled, this 5 foot bundle of energy has your pet’s care underway!

Cassandra Eason, TSA

Cassandra has been part of our team for more than a year now. She was working as an assistant technician while completing her studies at Vanier College. In June she graduated as an animal health technician and we are pleased that she will be working with us full time. Her calm demeanor and easy going personality explains why our furry patients love her so much. We are thrilled to add Cassandra to our wonderful technician team.

Nelly Benabou, TSA

Nelly joined the TVC team in September of 2015. She comes to us with a varied background in animal health, and brings with her an immense love of cats and respect for their unique needs and character. As for the canines, she has a passion for dog behaviour and training; as such, spends a great portion of her spare time training and competing in various canine sports with her multitalented Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, Reese. Reese has various titles in Obedience, Rally obedience, Flyball, Disc Dog, dock Diving as well as being the first Toller in Canada to achieve a Versatility Lifetime Achievement Award in Agility. Nelly and Reese share their life with three wonderful cats; Peter, Syd and Stewart.

Jordan McComb, TSA

Jordan is a recent graduate from the animal health program at Vanier college. It is Jordan's lifelong dream to work with animals and working with the Timberlea team has allowed her to broaden her horizons and fine tune her skillsets. Jordan has been surrounded by her Labradors all her life, caring for them in the kennel and also showing them in both Canada and the USA. She also enjoys outdoor activities with her dogs doing agility and obedience.

Alyssa Gauthier, AHT

Alyssa is a graduate of Vanier College, with numerous years of experience working and volunteering in the veterinary field. Her childhood curiosity and love of nature still incites her sense of adventure for hiking and exploration. Her boundless compassion for the wellbeing of all species, from wildlife to domestics and exotics, has given her an insatiable desire to work with animals. Coupled with her interests in science and healthcare, she has finally found professional fulfillment as an Animal Health Technician at TVC.

Erin Larson

Erin is one of our newer technicians, having graduated from Vanier College in 2019. Active in animal rescue from an early age, Erin has worked at the SPCA, participated in rescues from puppy mills - which is why she now has her Mexican hairless dog called Al (short for Albus- can you guess from which character?). She has fostered many orphan kittens, and currently has 3 ferrets and 2 cats in addition to her dog. She is happy to impart her varied animal knowledge at any time to those who need assistance!

Darrach Favretto

Darrach joined the TVC team in the Fall of 2016. She graduated as an animal health technician from Vanier College in the Spring 2013. She then continued her education in Nova Scotia and received a diploma in Business Management: Equine Specialty in May 2016. Her passion for animals grows each year. She keeps an active life-style through her varies sports; ball hockey, softball and ice hockey. She goes home to her chocolate Labrador, Vixen.

Rachel Bird

Rachel began her career at Timberlea as a receptionist in 2013 while finishing her Bachelor of Agricultural Science degree at McGill. Given her love of dog sports (agility, canicross, fllyball, obedience) her path to the veterinary field became an obvious choice. After realizing her true passion and love of practice, Rachel decided to become a Registered Veterinary Technician. Rachel prides herself on her empathetic nature, understanding all sides of veterinary care and the challenges that go along with it. Loving and respecting the pets as much as their people, her kind demeanour and level-headedness bring solace to even the most sensitive situations. Rachel is passionate about pet nutrition, breed-specific enrichment and animal behaviour. She loves spending time with her Parson Russell Terrier, Pijin, camping, reading and practicing yoga.

Support Staff


Susan Harwood

From a very early age I have had a passion for animals of any kind. I couldn’t have my own dog so I would walk the neighborhood dogs every day. As an adult, I finally got my own dog, and developed a love for obedience training . I have had 3 different dog breeds in training at 3 different levels, 3 different breeds at the same time! I really enjoy the challenge of needing to adapt the training to suit each personality. All 3 dogs achieved their obedience titles in Canada, United States and Bermuda with many high in trials. It was so much fun and we met many wonderful people and their dogs along the way. I also did some agility, flyball and every weekend during winter skijoring. Even my tiny Miniature Schnauzer participated!

I also have a passion for horses. I have an American Paint horse that I got as a 3 year old. He is now 11 and we have enjoyed going through the training process, a bit of showing and most importantly, many wonderful trail rides over the years. My career started in a medical clinic in the Laurentians and when I moved to Montreal, I transitioned over to Production planning, inventory management. When the opportunity to work with animals came up at the Timberlea Veterinary Clinic, I was ready for the change. I provide a mature experience to this young clinic, and look forward to helping you with you animal friends.

Susan Filsner

Susi grew up in Ville St. Laurent and graduated from Concordia University with a B.A. in modern languages. After working in the hotel industry in Toronto for a few years she decided to change things up and pursue a career in the pet industry by taking dog grooming courses in Guelph and becoming a Professional Pet Groomer.

She returned to Montreal where she worked as a groomer and managed a V.I.P. boarding facility for dogs and cats. While there, she became interested in Canine behavior, taking several courses in Canine Aggression at Cornell University. Susi also became very involved in animal rescue and it is during this time that she co-founded S.O.S. Levrier de Montreal which, in 1993 introduced the first adoption program for retired racing Greyhounds in the Montreal Area.

After living and grooming in Europe for a few years, Susi returned to Canada and settled in Hudson where she had her own dog and cat grooming business for 13 years. Susi has always been passionate about animal welfare and has been an active participant in local cat and dog rescue efforts. She is also involved with wild birds and sits on the Board of Directors of Le Nichoir, a local bird rehabilitation organization.

Susi has been involved in the dog world for many years. She has shown her dogs in the confirmation ring and currently trains her standard poodle “Libby” and her Doberman Pinscher “Brando” in obedience at the OPEN level. She also shares her home with 3 cats who have ignored all efforts to train them.

Susi has a strong public service background and is looking forward to putting her love of animals and retail to good use managing Boutique Pawville.

Annly Ho

Annly has always loved animals since she was a child. She volunteered for different rescue organizations, adopting many four-legged friends along the way. She was introduced to working in the veterinary field in 2004, as a tech assistant, and then ended up working at the Animal Health clinic in NDG for 11 years. We were fortunate to attract someone of her caliber to join the TVC team. She currently has one dog, and 4 cats, which is down from her previous 3 dogs and 9 cats, all from foster failure and rescued from abroad.

Meagan Ward

Meagan recently joined the Timberlea Veterinary Clinic team as a receptionist. Her love for animals started at a young age when her family welcomed home her first pet at the age of 6, a guinea pig she proudly named Guinea. A couple years later another furry friend was added to the family, a lovable Maltese named Zoey. Her passion for art led her to complete a BFA, majoring in Art History. Not long after, she realized she wanted to explore an alternate career path. She decided to embark on a new adventure as a receptionist for the Timberlea Veterinary Clinic and plans to apply to the animal health technology program at Vanier College in the future. Meagan strives to create a positive experience for both our clients and their four-legged companions.

Meaghan Hong

Meaghan is one of our newest team members. She has always had a big heart for animals. She grew up with many dogs and has rescued several domestic and wild rabbits. She enjoys spending her time with her best friend Luna, a Bichon Maltese. They enjoy going on morning runs and playing fetch with footballs. Meaghan is currently studying a Bachelor of Health Science at Queens University with an immense amount of support from her golden retriever Whiskey. She is very happy to join the team!

Felicia Corbeil

From a young age, Felicia knew that working with animals was her true calling. As a child, she had a keen desire to better understand the animals we share our lives with. After finding herself with years of experience working corporate and service jobs—all with a distinct lack of fuzzy companions—she found that those types of career paths just weren’t cutting it anymore. It was time to prioritize herself, and finally build the well of information that had called to her for so long. And so, after saying goodbye to her beloved feline companion far too soon, the loss fueled her to follow her true interest, and to dive headfirst into the field. Since then, she’s been all too eager to learn the many different facets of how medical care affects each of our animals’ lives.

Donna Grinton

After working in the pharmaceutical world for 24 years it was time to follow her dream to work in the field of animal care. Of course her favourite part of her day is meeting the owners and their cherished furry companions. Donna's house is filled with tons of love from three cats, two dogs and two rabbits and now her work day is filled with so much more.

Genevieve Loyer

Having been born into a family of animal lovers, Geneviève has understood the importance of respect for all living things from a very young age. With her experience growing up in a multi-pet household, she volunteered in the SPCA of Montreal’s dog-walking program where she found her true calling for helping those in need, and was hired shortly after as a kennel attendant and adoption counsellor. She then transferred to another shelter where she dedicated herself to the health and wellbeing of the animals in her care. In the years that followed, she would realize her passion for socializing (and adoration of) feral cats, join the fight against breed bans, and organically adopted her own technique in creating connections with and understanding fearful pets.

Around the same time Gen decided to head to the corporate world, she became a client at Timberlea Veterinary Clinic with her first Siamese (and heart cat), Simon. 10 years later, she is honoured to be welcomed into the TVC team as both receptionist and veterinary assistant. She’s always looking to expand her knowledge in animal health and welfare, and looks forward to meeting both you and your pets!

Debbie McNamara

After a successful 20 year career in International Trade, Debbie thought she could now turn to her passion for animals. Working at Timberlea with this wonderful team is like a dream come true. When at home, her time is shared between her loving chocolate Labrador, Abby and her grandchildren, who also share her love of animals.

Mona Van Egmond

Mona has many years of experience in the veterinary world. She worked as a receptionist at an animal hospital for 15 years before becoming the office manager there for 30 years. After a brief retirement, we asked her to return to her receptionist roots part-time at Timberlea. She has always had pets and today that includes 3 senior cats and a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever who participates in Agility. Mona also helps out at the family greenhouse business which is why our waiting room often has flowers. She also volunteers as Chair of the Stewardship & Finance committee at her church.

Veterinary Assistant

Tracy Gallacher

Since childhood, Tracy has always had a tremendous passion for animals, both wild and domestic. She spent over 30 years as a college outdoor education instructor, teaching students basic animal first aid as well as tracking, identification and protection of wild animals. For decades, Tracy has volunteered at various animal hospitals, worked at low cost spay/neuter clinics and has been involved with pet therapy at various local schools and hospitals. She has also been a long time supporter and volunteer at Le Nichoir, a wild bird Rehab Center in Hudson, and also at the Ecomuseum where she completed the Docent course.

She has always embraced both allopathic and complementary health care. Tracy and her pets, have successfully explored acupuncture, osteopathy, homeopathy, herbology and chiropractic treatment. She recently retired and is now sharing her experience and expertise with the TVC Team.

Maria Kampitsis

Maria joined the Timberlea team in the fall of 2018 as a receptionist and is now our full time veterinary assistant. She graduated from John Abbott College in 2012 and went on to study and work in the beauty industry for 6 years. After losing her canine companion Feebee and seeing the compassion shown to her by the veterinary staff, she realized it was a field she needed to explore. We feel that Maria’s smile, positive attitude and love of animals makes her a great addition to the team.

Abby Wildenmann

Abby recently started working at Timberlea in October 2022. She is currently working as a veterinary assistant while completing the Animal Health program at Vanier College, and will be graduating in 2024. Abby grew up with a Bernese Mountain Dog rescue, Dudley, and currently lives with her Great Pyrenees rescue, Rocky.

"I wish I could write as mysterious as a cat." — Edgar Allan Poe