The Timberlea Veterinary Clinic is pleased to offer multiple high level reproduction services. We are comfortable in timing a breeding, dealing with infertility, planning a frozen semen breeding as well as planned (or sometimes unplanned!) c-sections, We can ensure your dog is free of genetic diseases with DNA-PCR testing, as well as offer OFA and Pennhip for evaluation of dysplasia prevention.

Breeding Services

We offer many reproductive services for breeders, and welcome breeders at our clinic. Our services include:

  • Artificial insemination and breeding
  • Timing of ovulation (with cytology, LH and progesterone testing)
  • Vaginal cytology and sperm evaluation
  • Pregnancy testing (relaxin, radiographs or ultrasound) and infertility work up

If required, we can do c-sections, and provide 24 hour service for our clients enrolled in our help line for this surgery.


The Orthoapedic Foundation of America (OFA) and PennHip have been helping breeders diagnose and detect hip dysplasia for years.

By completing these highly recommended screening tests, an owner will know if 1. their animal has hip dysplasia and 2. the likelihood of passing these diseases along when breeding your animal.

Dr. Glew is one of the few licenced PennHip practioneers in Quebec.

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