The Timberlea Veterinary Clinic believes in having all services available for your animal, so that your animal is followed from start to finish should a medical problem arise. We offer state of the art equipment that allows us to give your pet the best care possible – from digital radiography, complete in-house laboratory, ultrasonography as well as endoscopy.

Preventive Medicine & Vaccination

A full physical exam is done to ensure the health of your animal prior to administration of appropriate vaccines. Each vaccination protocol is tailored to your animal's needs, based on their health, age, and risk. Not all vaccines need to be given every year, which is why it is important to select what is best for your animal.

Vaccines offered for dogs:

Vaccines offered for cats:

In addition to vaccines, part of a wellness program includes deworming (including heartworm prevention), flea prevention,  lyme/heartworm/tick-borne disease testing for dogs and feline leukemia/FIV testing for cats. This is especially important if they go outside. Once older, senior blood tests and thyroid levels are recommended annually, especially if they are on medication.

We have a complete in-house blood machine, for biochemical tests and full cell blood counts, and we can even do thyroid levels immediately. Our 2 microscopes allow us to evaluate urine/fecals and cytological specimens quickly, and this is complimented with outside pathologists for 2nd opinions.

You won't have to wait long before we get the diagnosis!

Senior care: Senior animals need care!  We can offer many options such as dental care, osteoarthritis treatment, cognitive function help. Routine blood tests will pick up disease before there is a problem, and we can then offer some solutions!  Call us 514-505-6555 to find out how we can maximize your ageing animals comfort.

Digital Radiology

We have a state of the art DR digital xray machine that allows us to take images quickly and efficiently, giving immediate image preview. Digital Radiology also allows us the ability to digitally transfer and enhance images. We also offer OFA and Penn Hip speciality radiographs for breeders.


Ultrasonography is an advanced imaging procedure that lets one see inside the abdomen or thorax of animals when radiography (xrays) alone aren't enough. We can use this procedure for pregnancy confirmation, to diagnose urinary stones, to quickly evaluate if your animal has free fluid in the chest or abdomen, to evaluate potential masses, and sometimes even obtain a biopsy without surgery. Dr. Mold has a special interest in cardiac ultrasounds, and can evaluate many heart conditions so that you can have all your diagnostics done at one clinic, the Timberlea Veterinary clinic.


Endoscopy is a diagnostic tool that allows us to look into an animal without having to do surgery. This non-invasive procedure allows us to go into the esophagus, stomach, and intestine to look around and take biopsies. We also have video-otoscopy to look deep and flush an ear, and small scopes to go into the urinary bladder, for breeding purposes, up the nose.... Anywhere there is an orifice, we can look into it!

Therapeutic Laser

Laser therapy is a non-invasive treatment that reduces inflammation and pain, an alternative to medication for chronic and acute cases. Used for years in human sports medicine, only recently has therapeutic laser made its way as a treatment for animals. Using low level infrared light, laser treatment creates a reaction called bio-stimulation, which stimulates cell regeneration, reduces pain and inflammation. It can increase healing by 50%, accelerating your pets return to normal activity.

We are currently using our laser for:

  • Osteoarthritis - to help in comfort levels , reducing the need for other medications
  • Wound therapy - to help for moist dermatitis (hot spots) allowing rapid healing
  • Post–operative - to help reduce swelling, pain, hasten healing
  • Acute injuries - athletic injuries: strains/sprains/muscle pulls/joint injury

Call us to book your evaluation & to determine a personalised plan for your companion.

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