Please note that vet clinics are considered essential services and as such, our clinic will remain open to clients for emergencies and for pick-up of food and medication.

We would ask our clients NOT to call the clinic unless it is an emergency or to place an order. Our phone lines have been jammed with people calling to see if we are open. We need to keep the lines free for those that need urgent appointments and medication/food .

We appreciate your understanding and rest assured that we will remain available to our clients throughout this crisis.

Fun Fit Canin

Your dog’s health is directly related to their fitness level. Fun Fit Canin’s mission is to do just that, ensure your dog keeps in good shape so they may have a happy, healthy and long life. They’ll create an individualized program which will address the specific needs of your dog no matter what their age is. They also offer hands on guidance and simple daily solutions to produce the results you and your best friend are looking for, whether it’s for leg strengthening, post surgery rehabilitation, geriatric dogs or just to loose a few pounds.

Their passion for the physical health of your dog is second to none. They have your dog’s best fitness interest at heart!

Cat Zone

The Timberlea vet clinic is pleased to invite you to come and visit our new "cat zone". Our feline only area is bound to make a purrfect veterinary experience for your companion, as well as offering innovative and feline friendly paraphernalia and gifts.

Come and join us at our open house Sunday March 13 from noon to 3 PM..

Dr. Donald Floyd

The Timberlea Veterinary Clinic is pleased to announce Dr. Floyd will be joining the team this March. Dr. Donald Floyd was an owner of the Baker Animal Hospital for the past 40 years. His name is renowned throughout the Montreal area as being one of the pioneering small animal veterinarians. Not quite ready to retire he will be doing part time work at our clinic. We look forward to welcoming him and learning from his expertise.

Montreal General Hospital Pet Therapy

The Montreal General Hospital Pet Therapy program that uses well-mannered dogs to interact with patients is now expanding to the Lachine General Hospital Palliative Care and Unit. (650 16e Avenue, Lachine).

They are looking for healthy dogs of all sizes, with good personalities. A suitability assessment of the handler and dog will be conducted by Margrit Meyer, head of the program.

If we have a few acceptable candidates, the hospital willI arrange a short version of the Palliative Care course, with Andrea Connors so that Pet Therapists can start soon. There will be a full Palliative Care training course given later in the spring.

Please contact Margrit Meyer to arrange an evaluation. E-mail:

Cat garden by Tracy

Want to stimulate your cats but not let them terrorize the neighbourhood? Consider a Catrium- a safe outdoor space which can be easily made with an existing fence, or plan a new one. Check out the video to the left. Help your feline friends be healthy and happy!

Endoscopy is now one of our newest services

We are please to add endoscopy to the list of our services. Our endoscope permits us to visualize the digestive system and to take biopsies when necessary. It also permits us to go in and visualize very small orifices like nostrils and will allow us to perform Tran cervical inseminations.

Pearl's story / L'histoire de Pearl

Pearl is the sweetest 3 month old Boston Terrier puppy who suddenly jumped from her owner's arms and started to limp immediately. We were very concerned that this could be a fracture so we took x-rays. Luckily, there were no fractured bones so she just needed rest and pain medication. Pearls owners had previously signed up for a free 6 week trial of pet insurance from Pet Secure, so 80% of her medical bill was covered. This free trial is available to all pets between the age of 8 wks to 4 yrs of age that we examine for the first time and with no obligation to continue.

Prizes galore!

Dr. Nina Gauthier is OVC's Graduate with Distinction, she is on Dean's Honour List and won the American Association of Feline Practitioners Prize.  The award is for the student who has demonstrated a particular interest in the field of feline medicine and surgery and has achieved a high level of proficiency in small animal medicine and surgery in their Small Animal Clinic rotation.

She also won the Molly Carrington (OVC '78) Memorial Prize. It goes to the student who has successfully completed Phase 4 of the D.V.M. program and who has demonstrated proficiency in small animal medicine in their Small Animal Clinic rotation and also demonstrated high standard of case care and compassion for his or her patients.

Alongside our prize from the West Island Chamber of Commerce, we will be able to serve you, our clients, with the best knowledge and medicine available. Thanks to our great team!

"No matter how little money and how few possessions you own, having a dog makes you rich." — Louis Sabin